2022 Examination Results

Apprentice of Fine Arts (AFA) in Creative Writing: results for Summer 2022

Cumulative percentage of candidates:    

A* 21%

A*-A 53%

A*-B 84%

A*-C 98%

Table shows results for 43 candidates from 8 centres: Abingdon School, Badminton School, Bristol Grammar School, Enfield County High School, Kingswood School; Marling School, Marlborough College, and Redmaids’ High School.

These results were awarded in accordance with our own procedures:

  • Candidates were advised to submit their portfolio of internally-assessed work (representing 60% of the programme) by the usual deadline of 15 May
  • The Principal Moderator moderated the portfolios from all centres.
  • Candidates also sat an examination for WRITE-2 Commissioned Writing (representing 40% of the programme).
  • WRITE-2 scripts were marked by the Principal Examiner.
  • There was no examination for WRITE-3 this year.
  • A grade was awarded on the basis of each candidate’s agreed marks for WRITE-1 (60%) and WRITE-2 (40%).

There were no appeals.

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