Summary of results (2021)

Summary of results (2021)

Apprentice of Fine Arts (AFA) in Creative Writing: results for Summer 2021

Cumulative percentage of candidates:     A* 29%

A*-A 61%

A*-B 90%

A*-C 95%

Table shows results for 41 candidates from 8 centres: Abingdon School, Badminton School, Bristol Grammar School, Kingswood School; Marling School, Marlborough College, Redmaids’ High, and SGS (Stroud).

These results were awarded in accordance with our own procedures:

  • Candidates were advised to submit their portfolio of internally-assessed work (representing 60% of the programme) by the usual deadline of 15 May
  • The Principal Moderator moderated the portfolios from all centres
  • Where the moderated work enabled us to award the Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) we did just that
  • In some cases the moderated work enabled us to award a grade higher than the TAG
  • In the few cases where the moderated work did not support the award of the predicted grade, we invited centres to provide additional evidence in support of that candidate’s TAG.

There were no appeals.

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