The UK Government has announced exams will not be held in May and June. The Writers’ Examination Board accepts this decision. Examinations for WRITE-2 Commissioned Writing and WRITE-3 Responsive Writing are now cancelled. Our focus is on supporting learners to achieve the qualifications they need to progress to the next stage of their lives.

The current proposal is to award grades, based primarily on teacher assessment:

1.       The deadline for submission of WRITE-1 Portfolio will remain at 15 May. We hope that candidates who have not yet completed their portfolios will be able to work remotely with their teachers to bring these portfolios to completion by 15 May, and that teachers will then be able to enter marks for the portfolio to WEB by email or GoogleDrive also by 15 May. David Briggs will be in touch in due course about how to do this.

2.       WRITE-1 Portfolio may be submitted electronically (details to follow) and moderated by WEB in the usual way.

4.       Having moderated WRITE-1 Portfolio, WEB will look to award the predicted grades submitted with the Confirmation of Entries form in February. If moderation of portfolios leads WEB to be in any doubt about predicted grades, WEB may contact the Centre for further evidence to support the grade predicted.

This is an unprecedented situation and we understand that it could cause uncertainty and worry for learners and teachers alike. We have sought to remove that uncertainty now by providing what we believe to be the fairest way of awarding grades, and in keeping with the timeline of the usual schedules.

My thoughts and best wishes are with all of you.

David Briggs

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