WRITE-2 will take place on Monday 10 May 2021 (am session) WRITE-3 will take place on Friday 14 May 2021 (am session) These examinations have been scheduled slightly earlier than other GCE examinations to minimise complications for your candidates, but it is worth bearing in mind that there will be some IB and IGCSE examinations … Continue reading 2021 EXAMINATION DATES (EDIT: Cancelled)

October 2020 examination series

October 2020 examination series The dates for the October 2020 examinations series are as follows: WRITE-2: Commissioned Writing: Thursday 1 October (afternoon) WRITE-3: Responsive Writing: Friday 9 October (morning) As the grade awarded in August has already taken the work submitted for WRITE-1: Portfolio fully into account, the marks for WRITE-1: Portfolio will not be … Continue reading October 2020 examination series

Post-results appeals 2020

Post-results appeals 2020 Given the way we awarded grades in August 2020, post-results appeals can only really be possible on the following grounds: a clerical check of the mark and grade awarded a review of marking for WRITE-1 Portfolio. The deadline for any such appeals remains the 14 September 2020.

Summary of results (2020)

Summary of results (2020) Apprentice of Fine Arts (AFA) in Creative Writing: results for Summer 2020 Cumulative percentage of candidates:     A* 36% A*-A 72% A*-B 92% A*-C 100% Table shows results for 25 candidates from 7 centres: Abingdon School, Badminton School, Bristol Grammar School, Kingswood School; Marling School, Marlborough College, SGS (Stroud) These results were … Continue reading Summary of results (2020)

The UK Government has announced exams will not be held in May and June. The Writers’ Examination Board accepts this decision. Examinations for WRITE-2 Commissioned Writing and WRITE-3 Responsive Writing are now cancelled. Our focus is on supporting learners to achieve the qualifications they need to progress to the next stage of their lives. The … Continue reading

Summary of Results

Apprentice of Fine Arts (AFA) in Creative Writing: results for Summer 2019 Cumulative percentage of candidates A* 18% A*-A 53% A*-B 79% A*-C 95% A*-D 100% A*-E 100% Table shows results for 38 candidates from 7 centres: Badminton School; Bristol Grammar School; Clevedon School; Enfield County High School; Kingswood School; Marlborough College; Redmaids High School