Summary of Results

Apprentice of Fine Arts (AFA) in Creative Writing: results for Summer 2019 Cumulative percentage of candidates A* 18% A*-A 53% A*-B 79% A*-C 95% A*-D 100% A*-E 100% Table shows results for 38 candidates from 7 centres: Badminton School; Bristol Grammar School; Clevedon School; Enfield County High School; Kingswood School; Marlborough College; Redmaids High School


The second stage of consultation over the Paper Nations Benchmarks for Creative Writing was launched at the NAWE conference in York in November 2018. These are exciting proposals for the teaching of Creative Writing across all stages of education in the UK, and it’s exciting to see that many of the published ideas for recommended … Continue reading PAPER NATIONS

NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education)

On the weekend of 9-11 November, David Briggs attended the annual NAWE conference in York. He presented a paper about the Apprenticeship of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and found many supportive allies for the AFA project from those teaching Creative Writing in Higher Education. The conference is a superb opportunity to hear about the … Continue reading NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education)

UCAS: Recognised Programme

UCAS has now published the Educational Information Profile (EIP) for the AFA in Creative Writing, alongside just three other courses: the programmes run by Bedales, Sevenoaks, and the one run in a partnership between Goldsmith’s College and Colfe’s School, London. . We recommend that students mention the AFA in their personal statements when applying through … Continue reading UCAS: Recognised Programme