Professional Development

The best way to develop professionally as a teacher of Creative Writing is to participate actively with creative writing in some or all of the following ways:

write regularly, and submit work to competitions and for publication

join (or form) a creative writing group that meets regularly to discuss works in progress using the medium of a critical workshop

read contemporary writing, and attend readings by contemporary writers

take courses in Creative Writing offered by higher education institutions, and by organisations such as The Poetry School, the Arvon Foundation, etc.

WEB hosts a biennial meeting at Bristol Grammar School for the three Principal Examiners to present the outcomes of assessment of the three components. This meeting also provides an opportunity to review the AFA specification and to provide more guidance on delivering the AFA.

It may be possible for David, Andrew, or Maria to visit your centre to provide more specific guidance on how to deliver the specification. Please approach WEB to discuss terms.

sarah maclay