Papers and Mark Schemes

Candidate-1 WRITE-1 2022 Marker’s comments

Candidate-1 WRITE-2 2022 [28 marks]

Candidate-A WRITE-3 2019 [36 marks]
Candidate-1 WRITE-1 2022 Portfolio [103 marks] Candidate-2 WRITE-2 2022 [35 marks] Candidate-B WRITE-3 2019 [30 marks]
Candidate-2 WRITE-1 2022 Portfolio [120 marks] Principal Examiner’s Report on WRITE-2 July 2022 List of Stimulus Texts for WRITE-3 2019
Candidate-2 WRITE-2 2022 Marker’s comments WRITE-2 Assessment Criteria Principal Examiner’s Report on WRITE-3 2019
Principal Moderator’s Report on WRITE-1 July 2022 WRITE-2 Question Paper May 2022 WRITE-3 Assessment Criteria
WRITE-2 Specimen Paper WRITE-3 Question Paper May 2019

WRITE-3 Specimen Paper

For detailed information about the two externally examined components WRITE-2 and WRITE-3, please refer to the specification.

Please find below specimen papers and assessment criteria for WRITE-2 and WRITE-3.

You will also find below exemplar candidate responses to WRITE-2, and the Principal Examiner’s comments on those responses:

Click to access write-3-specimen-assessment-criteria1.pdf

Click to access write-3-specimen-paper.pdf

Click to access write-2-specimen-assessment-criteria1.pdf

Click to access write-2-specimen-paper.pdf

WRITE-1: Moderator’s Report on the 2019 season.

Exemplar candidates’ responses to WRITE-2

Principal Examiner’s comments on exemplar responses to WRITE-2

WRITE-2 May 2019 paper

WRITE-2 Examiners’ report

WRITE-3 May 2019 paper

WRITE-3 Examiners’ report

If you would like to work with WEB to generate some exemplar candidate responses for WRITE-3 RESPONSIVE WRITING, please get in touch.