Guidance on Fees

As a subsidiary of a not-for-profit organisation, WEB is fully committed to offering quality and value for centres. Our fees are consequently updated regularly to reflect the real costs of delivering and supporting the AFA. Our fees cover:

  • Free teaching and learning resources 
  • Biennial CPD opportunities 
  • A dedicated subject advisor to support teachers 
  • A dedicated team to support the administration of assessment and the award of grades.
Candidate entry£50
Mandatory Assessment MaterialsCandidates will require four stimulus texts for WRITE-3 Responsive Writing. While the cost of texts can vary, a reasonable estimate is a cost of £30-40 per candidate. Stimulus texts remain on the specification for three years, so centres may re-use texts to lower costs.
Candidate withdrawalRefund provided if withdrawal made within: – two months of entry closing date (21 February) – or on production of medical certificate thereafter
Post-results servicesRefer to Post-Results Services fees document
Replacement certificatesRefer to Post-Results Services fees document
Customer supportIncluded
Access to WEB’s secure GoogleDriveIncluded