October 2020 examination series

October 2020 examination series

The dates for the October 2020 examinations series are as follows:

WRITE-2: Commissioned Writing: Thursday 1 October (afternoon)

WRITE-3: Responsive Writing: Friday 9 October (morning)

As the grade awarded in August has already taken the work submitted for WRITE-1: Portfolio fully into account, the marks for WRITE-1: Portfolio will not be considered during this additional examination session. The basis for any grades awarded in this additional examination session will therefore be as follows:

  • candidates who wish to enter for October 2020 sit both examined units, that’s WRITE-2 and WRITE-3
  • their scripts will be marked by the Principal Examiners for WRITE-2 and WRITE-3
  • the grade awarded will be based entirely on the total marks awarded for WRITE-2 and WRITE-3
  • there is no need to re-submit predicted grades for the October units as we already have the grades that were predicted for these candidates back in February
  • candidates may take the higher grade: either the one awarded in August 2020, or the one awarded for the October 2020 examination session
  • there will be a nominal fee of £14 for each candidate entered for the October 2020 examination session.

The deadline for entries for examinations in October 2020 is 15 September 2020.

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